The Skinner Team

Update From Summit Sky Ranch

Received a fun update from Summit Sky Ranch the other day. Don’t forget to reach out if you’re at all interested in this amazing opportunity to make the mountains your home!

Maryland Creek Ranch Builders

Welcome to Maryland Creek Ranch Builders (MCRB) bimonthly update:

It is that time of the year where leaves are changing and the morning air is brisk.

There has been a lot of progress over the last two weeks at Summit Sky Ranch. The Lift Station base got poured and walls are being formed.  We are now working on the second retaining wall on Maryland Creek Lane, the entry road.  In addition to new homes sites being excavated and framed, ceilings, cabinets, doors and garage doors are being installed.

As we get ready to install the hardwood floors, we are using a best quality practice of having the wood flooring material delivered to the site several weeks before installation. This allows the wood a chance to acclimate to our micro climate prior to the installation.

Please remember that the Summit Sky Ranch is a construction zone and you must be accompanied on site at all times.  We now have a construction trailer on site and our field coordinator will be monitoring any visits to the site.

Take care,

Brett A. Barrett, President
Maryland Creek Ranch Builders, LLC
970-376-0164 (cell)