The Skinner Team

Current Covid-19 Restrictions – Level Red

As of December 2, 2020 Summit County is still in Level Red. For full details about the current public health order be sure to check out for the latest. Below are some of the key components to note as you come and spend time in Summit.

*Special Note to Short Term Rentals here. 

The Basics: Summit County Public Health Order

  1. Wear a mask in indoor spaces open to the public; wear a mask outdoors when you cannot maintain 6 feet of physical distancing.
  2. Do not gather with members of other households. Public and private gatherings are prohibited, among individuals from different households, including in private homes, lodging units and short-term rentals.
  3. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from individuals who are not members of your immediate household.
  4. Stay home if you are sick. Do not go to your workplace or any public spaces. Only leave home to get tested or seek medical care.
  5. Get tested immediately if you have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, headache, body aches, chills, diarrhea, loss of taste/smell).
  6. Restaurants are closed for indoor dining. Outdoor dining is allowed, with sale of alcohol for onsite consumption ending at 8 p.m. Onsite consumption of alcohol by employees prohibited after 8 p.m. Takeout, delivery and curbside pickup of food and beverages are allowed, with alcohol sales ending at 10 p.m.

Summit County Level Red Restrictions

Masks: Cloth face coverings are required in all indoor spaces open to the public and in all outdoor spaces where a minimum 6-foot physical distance from others can not be maintained.

Public and private gatherings: Gatherings of two or more people prohibited. The order does not prohibit gatherings of people who live together in the same residence.

High-risk populations: Stay at home.

Lodging and short term rentals: Lodging stays limited to a single household in any lodging unit, including short-term vacation rentals (STRs). A household is defined as the person or persons who live together in a single residence. The single-household limit applies to all lodging stays, including those for which reservations have already been made. Any existing reservations that include guests from two or more households must be changed or canceled to comply with the regulation. See additional guidance for owners and managers of STR properties.

Ski Areas: Ski areas must operate at reduced guest capacities. All retail, lodging and restaurant operations at resorts are subject to all closures and restrictions within the order listed for those sectors.

Restaurants: Indoor dining closed. Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery and to-go service permitted; outdoor dining allowed only with single-household groups at each table, spaced 6 feet apart. Sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption ends at 8 p.m. Takeout alcohol sales end at 10 p.m. On-premises consumption of alcohol by employees ends at 8 p.m.

Retail businesses: May operate at 50 percent of the posted occupancy limit and should offer enhanced options for curbside pickup, delivery and dedicated service hours for seniors and at-risk individuals.

Offices: 10 percent of posted occupancy limit; remote work strongly encouraged.

Gyms/fitness: 10 percent of indoor occupancy limit or 10 people per room, whichever is less; groups of 10 or less outdoors, maintaining 6 feet of distance between non-household contacts; reservations required for all services.

Organized youth and adult sports and camps: Virtual allowed; outdoors in groups of 10 or less, with 6 feet of distance between non-household contacts.

Personal services: 25 percent of posted occupancy limit or 25 people, whichever is less.

Schools: In-person learning suggested for preschool through fifth grade; in-person, hybrid or remote learning suggested for middle school; hybrid or remote suggested for high school.

Higher education: Remote suggested, limited in-person learning when necessary.

Child care: Open, with standard ratios.

Houses of worship and life rites: Operate at 25 percent of posted occupancy limit or 50 attendees, whichever is less.

Additional details on Level Red restrictions are available on the CDPHE website.