The Skinner Team

Summer in the Mountains

I keep saying I want to write a “fun” blog post- is it cheesy to say I think they all are?! I’m having a blast writing these, and we’re not even halfway through the year. This month, though, I would like to get a bit more personal. Read on to learn about my journey to the mountains, what our team loves about summer here, and events you need to check out!

I was born and raised in Colorado, but, believe it or not, I didn’t grow up skiing or snowboarding. However, my most cherished memories of time spent with my family were right here, in the heart of Summit County, on Dillon Reservoir. Most years, our annual family weekend took place around the 4th of July. My grandparents had a condo in Dillon Valley and we’d rent another to accommodate everyone. We’d go to Pug Ryan’s for dinner on Friday evening (I was forever in awe of those big copper barrels), and then to the condo to end the evening playing board games. I always felt like a kid at Christmas that night, because the next day was my favorite part of the weekend. We would drive a pontoon around the lake and stop to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. While the adults grilled, the kids explored the woods. We had our fair share of wildlife encounters! I thought it was the coolest as I never saw moose growing up in Arvada. In case you’re wondering, there used to be grills on those pontoon boats. They removed those eventually for obvious safety reasons.

I looked forward to that pontoon ride every year. I laid on the back deck in my oversized life jacket and let the sun hit my face while the water splashed up on me. My brother, cousins, and I took turns steering the boat with our grandpa or one of our dads. Grandma always had the best snacks packed- sweet summer cherries and plain Lays potato chips, grandpa’s favorite. After the boat ride, we’d go to the Dillon Amphitheater to dance the night away. Following the show, we would watch fireworks over the lake. Combine those experiences with beautiful wildflowers and afternoon thunderstorms, and Dillon became a place a place of pure *magic*.

As my brother and I got older, we started spending weeks at a time here with my grandparents in the summer. I loved going to the farmer’s markets with my grandma. The festivals and free concerts were also amazing.  I was in awe of the way I felt every single time I visited, and it was sometime in my early teens I decided that I would live up here one day.

I appreciate talking to long-time locals, because they get the same twinkle in their eye as I do when they talk about how much they love it. A lot has certainly changed- towns have grown and evolved, but there is still magic here, especially in the summertime!

The Skinner Team Loves. . .
Our Operations Manager, Amber, loves all this season has to offer up here. She and her husband mountain & rock climb, backpack, and run. They are thankful for just how vast the trail system is here and in surrounding areas, as the number to explore feels endless! She and I do yoga together at Rainbow Park, which is an amazing park, located right in Silverthorne. She has plans to shop at the Farmer’s Markets in Dillon and Breckenridge this year.

Anne really appreciates that summer can be enjoyed by the whole family- dogs included! Her family loves going on hikes, mountain biking and spending time on the lake and rivers. On rainier / windier days, they take their boys to the Mountain Top Explorium in Breckenridge or the pool at the Silverthorne Rec Center- long nap times are practically a guarantee after visits there!

Sami and her dog love the easy access to rafting! She has been a guide since 2019, and spends much of her summer on the water, including sailing with her friends on the Dillon Reservoir. Sami also loves riding her bike around the Dillon Lake Loop.

We all love the Dillon Amphitheater- it’s amazing to have such a unique music venue here, reminiscent of Red Rocks and Fiddler’s Green, with a mountain twist. From the free concerts to paid shows, we can’t get enough of it. Since shows only last for about three months, we all go as often as we can! The amphitheater also hosts yoga, dance classes, and other worthwhile community events. 

What’s Happening – Summer 2022
Dillon & Breckenridge Farmer’s Markets
Silverthorne First Fridays
– Grab a flight from Angry James, The Baker’s Brewery, Pug Ryan’s, Outer Range, Highside Brewing, Broken Compass or visit the Breckenridge Distillery, Carboy Winery or Saved by the Wine for something different!
– Check out Dillon Amphitheater’s schedule of events
– Festivals: Breckenridge Beer Festival, Keystone Mountain Town Music Series, Keystone Bluegrass and Beer Fest, The Lake Dillon Art Fest to name a few
Dillon Marina and the Frisco Bay Marina

You can go to the All Trails website to explore trails in your area, and look for camping spots in Summit County HERE.Find your own magic this summer, and please share your experiences with us. We’d love your Summit Summer pictures or stories at or tag us on Instagram @comtnrealty