The Skinner Team

REal Success & Achieving your dreams!

“What tree should I focus on today?”
I ask myself this question when I feel like I’m lost in the woods, trying to do too much at once. Staring at the whole forest can be an overwhelming perspective to take. The leaves are beginning to change, and so must we! Whether you have a real estate goal or other end of year goal to accomplish, hopefully these tips will help you succeed! Read on . . .

What do you want?
First, identify what it is you want. Be specific! Do you want to sell your home by the end of the year? Obtain an investment? Buy your first home? Or, simply start the conversation about doing so? Whatever your goals are, write them down and keep them somewhere you can see them. Visibility helps with motivation! Be clear on how you will know when you’ve reached the finish line. Will you have closed on your sale or purchase? Will you have a Real Estate Broker actively showing you homes? Do you have a specific savings goal? Do you have checkpoints along the way that will show you’re on the right path? Clarity in what your goal is and what success means is key. If you’re working toward a goal or goals with others, make sure they’re involved in this process, too! 

Who do you need in your court?

Even if you are setting a personal goal, I bet there is at least one person you will involve along the way.  List out your “Who’s” and the details on how they will help. For example, “A lender who knows the market and can point me in the right direction, because I want to be ready to buy within 60 days” or “[insert name here] who can keep me accountable by checking in with me every 3 weeks to see where I’m at and help me reevaluate when necessary”, or even “someone who has done this before and can educate me”. Having a great team at your side can make all the difference! Including others 

How will you work toward success?

I am really good at only writing down my big goals and feeling overwhelmed. I am learning how to consistently break down my big goals to stay motivated. I get so excited about accomplishing what I set out to do that I don’t set up for success! I’ll ask myself “Does this pie cut into halves? quarters? sixths? What is each piece made of?” What two or four things have to happen to make my goal achievable? Make sure the goals you set are just that- achievable. They must be both challenging enough and realistic enough that you stay motivated! Do you want to save up for a down payment? How much?  How will you save that money? What lifestyle changes might need to be made? Who needs to be on your team to make this happen? When will you start saving and how do you know you’re done? What obstacles might you have? What will it feel like to have that money saved and how will it help you on your path? Setting up for success means knowing your goals and your motivations, breaking them down, and following your process (as well as reevaluating when needed). 

The first step and moving forward

The “What”, “Who”, & “How” are very important, but even more so? What is the first step, or the second, or third? You won’t finish a race you never start, now, GO! And, remember, success isn’t easy. Be open to feedback, connect with your support network often, work diligently, and don’t be afraid to readjust if necessary. This might be hard, but it will be so worth it!If you do happen to have real estate goals or know someone that does, our team would love to help those visions come to fruition. We want to be your “Who’s”! We are also happy to accompany you on a personal goal journey if you need support. Email us at .