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REal Success & Achieving your dreams!

“What tree should I focus on today?”
I ask myself this question when I feel like I’m lost in the woods, trying to do too much at once. Staring at the whole forest can be an overwhelming perspective to take. The leaves are beginning to change, and so must we! Whether you have a real estate goal or other end of year goal to accomplish, hopefully these tips will help you succeed! Read on . . .

What do you want?
First, identify what it is you want. Be specific! Do you want to sell your home by the end of the year? Obtain an investment? Buy your first home? Or, simply start the conversation about doing so? Whatever your goals are, write them down and keep them somewhere you can see them. Visibility helps with motivation! Be clear on how you will know when you’ve reached the finish line. Will you have closed on your sale or purchase? Will you have a Real Estate Broker actively showing you homes? Do you have a specific savings goal? Do you have checkpoints along the way that will show you’re on the right path? Clarity in what your goal is and what success means is key. If you’re working toward a goal or goals with others, make sure they’re involved in this process, too! 

Who do you need in your court?

Even if you are setting a personal goal, I bet there is at least one person you will involve along the way.  List out your “Who’s” and the details on how they will help. For example, “A lender who knows the market and can point me in the right direction, because I want to be ready to buy within 60 days” or “[insert name here] who can keep me accountable by checking in with me every 3 weeks to see where I’m at and help me reevaluate when necessary”, or even “someone who has done this before and can educate me”. Having a great team at your side can make all the difference! Including others 

How will you work toward success?

I am really good at only writing down my big goals and feeling overwhelmed. I am learning how to consistently break down my big goals to stay motivated. I get so excited about accomplishing what I set out to do that I don’t set up for success! I’ll ask myself “Does this pie cut into halves? quarters? sixths? What is each piece made of?” What two or four things have to happen to make my goal achievable? Make sure the goals you set are just that- achievable. They must be both challenging enough and realistic enough that you stay motivated! Do you want to save up for a down payment? How much?  How will you save that money? What lifestyle changes might need to be made? Who needs to be on your team to make this happen? When will you start saving and how do you know you’re done? What obstacles might you have? What will it feel like to have that money saved and how will it help you on your path? Setting up for success means knowing your goals and your motivations, breaking them down, and following your process (as well as reevaluating when needed). 

The first step and moving forward

The “What”, “Who”, & “How” are very important, but even more so? What is the first step, or the second, or third? You won’t finish a race you never start, now, GO! And, remember, success isn’t easy. Be open to feedback, connect with your support network often, work diligently, and don’t be afraid to readjust if necessary. This might be hard, but it will be so worth it!If you do happen to have real estate goals or know someone that does, our team would love to help those visions come to fruition. We want to be your “Who’s”! We are also happy to accompany you on a personal goal journey if you need support. Email us at .

Winter Activities – Fat Biking, Snowshoeing, XC Skiing

Fat Biking

Fat Bike: an off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 in (97 mm) or larger and rims 2.16 in (55 mm) or wider, designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud.


*Before going to fat bike at a nordic center be sure they allow it. Otherwise the rec path and any trail that is packed down is great for fat biking!

*Note Frisco Nordic Center does not allow fat bikes on trails


Fat Biking Etiquette

Nordic/Cross Country Skiing

Nordic Skiing: touring as any style of skiing that goes off-trail or off-piste in undulating valleys and less steep mountains, what they would call ‘Nordic terrain

Cross Country Skiing: skiing that takes place on groomed undulating pistes, with parallel grooves in the snow acting as a guides for your skis.


*if renting downhill skis from a place ask if they offer xc-skis as well. The nordic centers will rent as well.

*some may be requiring reservations prior to going this year. Be sure to check in advance of all plans this season.


Snowshoeing: a flat device resembling a racket, which is attached to the sole of a boot and used for walking on snow.

Snowshoe Rentals:

*Some ski shops will also carry snowshoes so if picking up skis/boards might be worth asking if they have them too. 

*Some great trails to get you started

  • Rec path Winter Grooming
  • Dillon Ranger District Winter Trails
  • Breckenridge Nordic Center
  • Gold Run Nordic Center
  • Tom’s Baby and Middle Flume Trails
  • South Illinois Creek Trail
  • Iowa Hill Mine Trail
  • Sawmill Trail
  • Reiling Dredge
  • Indian Gultch Trail
  • Boreas Pass Rd.
  • Rainbow Lake Trail
  • Peaks Trail
  • Lily Pad Lake
  • North Ten Mile
  • Miners Creek Rd.
  • Oro Grande Trail
  • Mesa Cortina Trails
  • Roberts Tunnel Access Road

** If you are going to go and recreate at any time in avalanche terrain please be aware of avalanche conditions, carry appropriate avalanche gear (beacon, probe, and shovel) and know how to use it. Be sure to do your research before recreating in the side and back country! The Know Before You Go program is a great introduction.

Summit County Wildfire Resources

This is not an exhaustive list, but it will keep you informed while you are in and around Summit County! 

Summit Fire & EMS – The hub of all fire information (including wildfire)
Summit Fire & EMS facebook: @SummitFireEMS
Summit County Alert System
Free Wood Chipping Program
Summit County Forest Health and Wildfire Mitigation – check road impacts in CO due to fires
Summit County Wildfire Protection Plan
InciWeb – Look up any incident report/status on current fires
OpenSummit – smoke forecasts
AirNow – air quality in real time

*always check the fire restrictions for the State/County/Town you are visiting.

Back to School- Why use a RE Professional & Quiz Your Broker!

Many are preparing for “Back to School” in August and, for my family, we are sending our son to school  for the first time! It’s vital for me to ask the right questions and feel prepared for the school year so I have an idea of what to expect, and I’m also left hoping we chose the right school. I compare my feelings to the ones I’m sure home buyers have when they are considering a purchase, whether it’s their first or their fifth. They must wonder if they’re choosing the right person to represent them, if they even need a professional, or can just go it alone or if they’re buying the right home. I’m here to ease that “Back to School” feeling when it comes to choosing a great REALTOR and  purchasing a home. Read on . . .

Why use a Real Estate Professional
Having a local real estate broker represent you when purchasing a home is still relevant today, even with all of the tools you have at your fingertips. Smartphones and the internet definitely have consumers more connected with and dialed into real estate than ever before, though there is so much more to the purchase process than identifying a home you love! 

I strive to provide value for potential buyers from the very first appointment we set. I know that when you reach out to our team, you’ve likely already been researching different areas and what the market has been doing, and now you’re ready to take the next step. Or, maybe you’ve visited the area and fallen in love, and a purchase feels like a dream that might come true! When we chat for the first time, my goal is to learn about you and what you need in your mountain retreat. We identify must haves as well as wish list items, and talk about where that fits into our local market. I use my vast local knowledge to show you what is possible so we can turn your dream into reality. And, if you aren’t quite ready to buy, I’ll guide you on your path to readiness.

After I get to know more about you, we will begin our search together. As you point out properties that spark an interest, I’ll provide insight into the neighborhood & property specific information, will reach out to the listing agents with specific questions you have, and will work to arrange showings at your convenience. Whether you are in Colorado or working with me remotely, I will help provide an objective look at each home you want to learn more about- there is always so much more to a home than what you can see in pictures! I understand you won’t be able to accompany me every time a listing comes on that might fit your criteria, so I often preview properties myself before I contact you about them, as I hope to save you time. Real estate is my full-time career, not yours! I want to make your life easier by streamlining every phase of the home buying process, from searching and showing to negotiating and going under contract. 

In regards to negotiating, once you find a home that checks all the boxes, I will use my expert negotiation skills to write a strong offer on your behalf. I deal with the same contracts and conditions on a regular basis, so I’m familiar with what should be used, what contingencies can safely be removed, and how to write an offer that best protects you. Using a reputable, local real estate professional also means that you get to benefit from the relationships I’ve formed with other professionals in my community, which can help win offers! 

You will continue to see the benefit from having an agent once you’re under contract. Contracts can be hard and if you haven’t bought many homes in Colorado, our 19 page contract can feel daunting. With an awesome team at my side, we will guide you through every step of the process, from scheduling inspections and reviewing HOA documents to making sure all important deadlines are met and you receive all of the information due to you. We also help schedule closing and coordinate between all parties throughout the transaction, and provide you a weekly update so you never have to guess where we are at in the process.

After closing, we can also connect you with contractors, vendors, and community members and organizations that could be of benefit to you!

While you can certainly purchase a home on your own, having a rockstar agent at your side can save you tons of time, money, and headache. 

Quiz Your Broker!
When you are interviewing prospective real estate brokers, or if you’ve decided on one, don’t let them ask all the questions. Make sure you feel comfortable in making your choice, as purchasing a home is a huge investment! You can ask things like:

-How long have they been in the area you’re looking in?

-What can they tell you about the market right now in the areas you’re searching in?

-Do they have client references / reviews they could provide?

-Do they work independently or with a team, and what does their support structure look like?

-What is it like to work with them as their client? And, how will they keep in contact with you during the process of searching for and buying a home? Setting expectations for communication is key! Let them know what you’re expecting as well.

Are they a full time broker? If not, how do they dedicate time to helping their clients?

-How do they get paid?

-If it’s important to you that they have experience, you can ask that as well. If they’re newer, find out who answers questions for them / make sure they have an experienced mentor or broker at their side.The questions above are a great place to start. If you’re embarking on your own journey to purchase a mountain retreat, or even if you’re looking in another state, please reach out! Our team has connections to awesome agents across the country, and our local team here in Colorado provides superior customer service to make your purchase an easy one. Get in touch with us at .

Short Term Rental Regulation Changes

Phew- how the market has changed over the past few months! Summit County progressed from an aggressive Seller’s market to what now feels like a market that is gaining balance. This is partly due to changes to interest rate increases and also to Short Term Rental Regulation changes that have already happened (and even those that have been promised). Short term rentals are any that are less than 30 days. Read on to learn more . . .

What’s already happened?
Let’s talk about the Town of Breckenridge, as they were really the first domino to fall here in Summit County. Last October, the Town voted to place a cap on the number of non-exempt licenses at 2,200 (there are currently 79 people on the waitlist as of July 10, 2022).  Exempt licenses often fall in the resort zone, which includes areas like Beaver Run and at the base of Peak 8 where resorts are, and include properties that really run like a hotel rather than an Airbnb or VRBO. The larger resort properties could internally resolve guest and facility issues on site without involving town resources like the STR hotline or calling the Breck Police Department for non-emergency issues.

 A Tourism Overlay District task force was created with members from all different areas of the community (real estate, property management, local business owners, and other community members) to discuss the impact rentals have in neighborhoods, main street, and resort areas. The Town of Breckenridge and the Task Force’s goal is to create zones that help maintain the character of the community while still encouraging the tourism that helps Breckenridge thrive. This means really defining three zones- Zone 1 which is the tourism overlay, Zone 2 including historic areas of Breckenridge, and Zone 3 being all other neighborhoods in town. 

As of now, with 79 people on the waitlist for new STR licenses, it is unclear as to how many months it would take to obtain a new license.

Next, encompassing a large portion of Summit County, we have changes in Unincorporated Summit County. Effective May 24, 2022, the County Commissioners approved a nine-month moratorium on obtaining new Short Term Rental licenses. This means new licenses cannot be obtained during this time period. This will allow the County time to propose new regulations to address the increase in STRs in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone and their impact on local workforce housing, as well as to address inconsistencies and conflicts within the Land Use and Development Code (“Code”) regarding commercial lodging operations and short-term vacation rentals. Unincorporated Summit County encompasses Dillon Valley, Wildernest, south of Blue River, and all other areas outside the individual town limits. 

Since this moratorium began about five weeks ago, we do not yet have any insights into what changes are being proposed- stay tuned!

What regulation changes are coming?
The Town of Silverthorne is in talks to change their regulations, and likely moving toward a 10% per neighborhood / 50% high density multi-family cap, which would put total licenses available at about 642, but those licenses will be spread out depending on what the percent of STRs is in each neighborhood or complex. Silverthorne is considering public input, and has or will create a survey to send out along with holding two Open Houses for comments. There are currently no cap or percentage restrictions in place.

The Town of Frisco is weighing options, but it seems like they’re heading in a direction that leaves less than 50 licenses available to grab, though the council members have requested more supporting data for the cap percentage being suggested. They’re also going to talk more seriously about a “use it or lose it” policy, which would likely free up more licenses than that, and would increase the periodic turnover rather than having to wait for a license to free up only through attrition as we are seeing in Breckenridge. There are currently no cap or percentage restrictions in place.

Where are rentals NOT restricted?

You can still obtain a short term rental license without restrictions in Keystone, Copper Mountain, the Town of Blue River, and the Town of Dillon. Though Keystone Resort and Copper Mountain are technically part of Unincorporated Summit County, they are in the Resort Overlay Zone- an area intended for short term lodging/ use. 

What do STR changes mean for the real estate market?

While Short Term Rentals can help cover costs, or even provide a source of monthly income for second home owners and investors, there are other options as well. Rentals over 30 days are still allowed without having to obtain a short term rental permit. Seasonal rentals (30-120 days) and long term rentals (120+ days) are still very popular options among our visitors, and can bring in more reliable, consistent income throughout the year.

Sellers can promote seasonal rentability when placing their mountain home on the market in an area where short term rentals are currently being restricted. Buyers hoping to purchase an investment can often see the benefit of 30+ day rentals along with the great year-over-year appreciation we see here. Even though there are restrictions in place, and with more coming, real estate can still be win-win for all involved!

Where can I read more?
If you’d like some light bedtime reading tonight, our team has compiled a great resource HERE that not only outlines current regulations in Summit County, but the surrounding areas as well.

If you have questions I didn’t answer, or don’t have time to read everything in the link above before bed, please email us at !

4 Tips for Improving your Credit Score

Buying a home is a huge decision – and there are many moving parts to help it all come to fruition. Improving your credit score is one of the most important parts, and is something that needs to be done ahead of time. This isn’t always a speedy process, so getting a head start is crucial.

Contact us today for more information on how to prepare to buy your next home!