Pre-Listing Inspection and Repairs

Buyers want a turn-key solution to their home purchase… that is why new homes are so popular.  When in doubt, consider having a handyman or home inspector do a pre-listing inspection. They will be able to provide you with a report showing all of the repairs that may need to take place. Completing these repairs before you list your home will not only help your home show better, but also to ensure you net the greatest profit. When you take the time to do the necessary repairs, you know that the first impression a buyer has of your home will not include a list of repairs that they must complete after closing!

Buyers can see the 101 small things that need to be done to a home, in fact they are looking for them! Buyers notice things like old caulking in showers and fading exterior stain and tend to make an offer below market value because of these items. When buyer prospects can see that you take care of the small things, they can rest easier about the big things.

If you make the necessary repairs before listing your home for sale, you know that your price will not be negotiated down because of nit-picky little repairs.

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