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Determining the correct price for your home is the first and most important step in getting your home sold. The market should determine the price for your home, not your Real Estate Agent. A good Real Estate Agent can help interpret current market conditions and how your home compares to similar homes that have sold recently. When looking for comparable homes, it is important to consider size, condition, age, and neighborhood. Comparable homes should not only be those that have sold but also those that are currently on the market. It’s important to know how your home stacks up against other homes that buyers will be viewing.

Our difference


The average agent only handles 10 transactions per year. Fewer than 5% of agent nationally will handle more than 10 listings per year. We handle over 50 transaction each year and 40% of those are listings.


A real estate professional who knows the area is crucial in understanding local market conditions. With our extensive knowledge of the mountains, we have an intimate knowledge of all the important aspects of a sale that you can not get unless you live and work in the mountain everyday.


 I specialize in working with 2nd home owners who many not be able to be present throughout the process. We offer concierge level, white glove service. Sit back and relax so we can make this the easiest selling experience you have ever had. We also specialize in working with investors and can help you utilize a 1031 exchange.


When selecting the right Real Estate Agent, there are a number of factors to weigh. Never choose an agent based on the price they tell you they can get for your home or the commission rate they offer.  At the end of the day, the right agent is the one that nets you the most money by having great systems and tools in place.  Here are some questions you should ask…

How long are their listings normally on the market? 

One mark of a great agent is how fast their listings sell compared to the market. The better the agent, the faster their homes sell.  The median number of Days On Market for Summit County in a span of 10 years is 60 days. However, because of my team’s aggressive marketing, my median Days On Market is only 6! In other words, my listings sell 3 weeks faster than those listed with other agents. 

How close to asking price was the final settlement price?

Not only is selling your home quickly my priority but also achieving the greatest profit. In a span of 10 years, the average sales price was 96.59% of the original list price. My average sales price is 100.50% of the original list price. That’s four percent higher than the average agent which translates to more money for you!


Buyers want a turn-key solution to their home purchase… that is why new homes are so popular.  When in doubt, consider having a handyman or home inspector do a pre-listing inspection. They will be able to provide you with a report showing all of the repairs that may need to take place. Completing these repairs before you list your home will help your home show better and will ensure you net the greatest profit! When you take time to complete necessary repairs before listing, you can take comfort in knowing buyers’ first impressions of your home will not include a list of repairs to do after closing!


Prepare your home to go on the market! Not only do you want to maximize your curb appeal with landscaping and window washing, you should also make sure the inside shines just as much as the outside (if not more)! There are simple things any seller can do such as replacing light bulbs, having carpets cleaned, painting, eliminating clutter and storing personal items. Whether we make arrangements with a professional stager on your behalf, or assist you ourselves, part of our team’s concierge level service is ensuring you have all the help you need to make this happen.  The National Association of Realtors has studied homes that hit the market staged vs. those that do not.  The results are in, and staged homes sell for an average of 6% more– well worth the cost!


When the typical buyer looks at an online listing, the first thing they do is look at the photos.  Most Internet home shoppers won’t even look at listings without photos. 95% of all buyers start their home search online. Your photos have to make an impact. Once a buyer finds a home online that they like, they visit the home in person. I only use professional photos because I realize how important this impression is. Professional high definition photographs shows off how beautiful your home truly is and gets many more buyers visiting in person.


In today’s real estate market you need an agent who will actively market your home at all times.  Your agent’s objective should be to generate prospective buyers for your home, not to just wait for them to show up. Most Real Estate Agents participate in passive marketing.  They put a sign in the yard, place it on the MLS and pray that someone makes an offer.  I take it a step further and prospect for buyers for your home. Too many agents claim they are just listing agents and make little attempt to fulfill their ultimate responsibility to you, to secure a buyer for your home. I continually strive to do so.

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Our Exclusive Guarantees


We guarantee that we will make sure you are informed throughout the process. We guarantee to provide a weekly update and if we don’t, we pay you $100 per instance at closing


We cover all the costs for professional photography and targeted marketing to make sure your property gets in front of buyers who are most likely to purchase it. On top of that, in order to make sure your property shows its best, we offer 16 hours of FREE HANDYMAN SERVICE which can help your property get noticed and ensure it stays under contract after the inspection. We even have packages that cover the cost of staging.

Cancel Anytime

Don’t get locked in with an agent you are not happy with. Take the risk and fear out of purchasing your home with our Cancel Anytime Agreement. We are so confident in our outstanding service level, that you can Cancel your agreement ANYTIME if you are not satisfied.

Is now a good time
to Sell?

One of the first questions we are always asked is now a good time to sell in the mountains? Whenever I am asked this questions, there are several factors that I point towards

Price Trends

Prices in our mountain market tend to trend upward. Properties tend to appreciation at a rate of 5-10% year over year. A lot of this has been driven by low inventory. So much of the beauty of our mountain areas is due to the surrounding forests. Most of that owned by the forest service or another such entity so our building options are extremely constrained. With limited inventory and consistent demand, that has continued to push prices up in a regular fashion year over year.

Lending Conditions

Interest rates have been on the rise since the beginning of 2022 and there have been some other changes in the world of 2nd home and high balance loan lending. 2nd home loans and high balance loans now come up with higher up-front costs. Most lenders will also have higher down payment requirements. That means that it will be more expensive for many buyers so they may have to look at lower price points than they originally planned.

Number of Sales

 The past couple of years have been characterized by a ton of interest in our resort mountain properties, coupled with very limited supply. Buyer interest remains strong, but there is less of a sense of urgency so properties are staing on the market longer. The number of sales has continued to grow given the amazing amenities an unparalleled lifestyle the mountains off.

General Economic Conditions

The stock market has had a lot of fluctuations and many would consider it to be under performing. Many people seek real estate as an alternative investment as it not only consistently out performs the stock market it but is also allows you to use and enjoy the property.

Local Market Drivers

The increase in restrictions on short term rentals (STRs) in some areas and the uncertainty regarding future restrictions of STRs in other areas has many buyers are watching the market carefully. Most STR permits are non transferable so buyers can not expect to obtain one when they are considering purchasing your home.


Our market has a summer seasonality to it meaning that we tend to have more listings and more sales throughout the summer. However, winter can also be a wonderful time as there is less competiton and there is also a lot of buyer interest during that time.

At the end of the day, the question always comes back to personal perspective of when is the best time to for you to sell given your lifestyle, use of the property and financial situation.

Together, we can look at your individual circumstances and make a game plan and a timeline.

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