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Don’t Wait – Beat the Crowds and Buy This Winter, Realtor.com

Did you know it is cheaper to own than to rent in more than three-quarters of the counties in the United States? Realtor.com’s Jonathan Smoke explains why now is the time to buy if you can, and how in doing so you can not only get the best deal, but also save money in the long run.


Don’t Wait – Beat the Crowds and Buy this Winter

From Realtor.com
Snow globe: rakchai/iStock; sign: jdillontoole/iStock

Now that the U.S. has regained its job-creation mojo, as the October employment report showed, the demand for housing is only going to grow.

After all, when people have jobs they can break off and form new households—ditching the roommates behind or finally moving out of Mom and Dad’s basement—and that’s what fundamentally drives home purchases.

Most of the households created over the past two years have been renting households, but based on U.S. Census data for the third quarter of this year, it appears that homeownership has started to recover.

This especially makes sense now that it is cheaper to own than rent in more than three-quarters of the counties in the U.S. And it’s not getting better— rents are rising year over year at twice the pace of listing prices. Meanwhile, mortgage rates remain at near record lows but appear poised to increase over the next year. And home prices are rising, too.

So if you qualify for a mortgage and have the funds for a down payment and closing costs—and if you intend to live in a home long enough to cover the transaction costs of buying and selling—you will be better off financially if you buy as soon as you can. After all, if you are tired of your current home now, you won’t feel better about it in six months.

The top factors driving home shoppers this summer were pent-up demand and recognition of favorable mortgage rates and home prices. These drivers will likely remain well into next year.

Yet demand for housing is extremely seasonal. In most markets in the country, we are conditioned to believe that we should buy homes in the spring and summer. So come each October, plans to purchase shift to the spring. While the school calendar and weather do influence the ideal time to move, many buyers would benefit from buying this fall and winter rather than waiting until next spring.

In October, the percentage of would-be buyers on realtor.com® saying that they intend to buy in seven to 12 months was the highest it has been all year and represented the largest time frame for purchase. Likewise, October produced the lowest percentage of would-be buyers saying they intend to buy in the next three months.

In other words, people’s stated plans point to a very strong spring for home sales. Great, right? But here’s the problem: Inventory isn’t likely to be higher in March and April than it is now. And while inventory should grow in late spring and into summer, it won’t grow as fast as the seasonal demand.

So, if you are ready, consider getting in the market now instead of early spring. You will have more choices and less competition, and you can lock in today’s rates rather than risk rates being 25 to 50 basis points higher. (A basis point is 0.01 percentage point.)

A 50 basis-point increase in rates (for example, from 4.05% to 4.55%) would cause monthly payments to be 6% higher. And that increase would not only affect your monthly cash flow but could also affect your ability to qualify.

So if you are considering buying a home this spring, it’s worth exploring the inventory now and reaching out to a local Realtor®. A new home could be the best gift you give yourself and your family this holiday season.

Jonathan Smoke

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Mountain Events: November 14th-15th

Saturday, November 14th 2015

Shopping Extravaganza: 9:00am Outlets at Silverthorne. Click Here for more information.

Bounce and Tumble: 9:30am Silverthorne Recreation Center. Click Here for more information.

Creative Writing Club: 10:30am South Branch Summit County Library. Click Here for more information.

Girls on the Run: 11:00am Summit County Middle School, Frisco. Click Here for more information.

“Blizzard of Aahhh’s!” Screening: 5:00pm & 8:00pm Warren Station Center of the Arts, Keystone. Click Here for more information.

8th Annual CAIC Benefit: 5:00pm Riverwalk Center, Breckenridge. Click Here for more information.


Sunday, November 15th 2015

Glass Fusing: 12:00pm Ready Paint Fire, Breckenridge. Click Here for more information.

Public Skate Session: 1:15pm Stephen C. West Ice Arena. Click Here for more information.

Nordic Ski Swap: All Day Breckenridge Nordic Center. Click Here for more information.

Summit Ski Exhibit: All Day Summit Ski Museum, Breckenridge. Click Here for more information.


Winter is Finally Here

Mountains Open
Arapahoe Basin
Copper Mountain
Loveland Ski Area

Opening Soon
Vail: November 20th
Beaver Creek: November 25th


Summit County Spas

Some of my favorite spas for either a quick treatment or a full day retreat.

Refresh Spa: Grand Timber Lodge, Breckenridge. (970) 547-3624
Sooth Spa: Grand Lodge on Peak 7. (970) 547-8701
Bodyworks Spa & Massage: Frisco, CO. (970) 668-5859
Corpus Sanus Spa: Dillon, CO. (970) 513-6550
Elan-Life Spa: Silverthorne, CO. (970) 368-6680

Even in the Winter You Can Make Your Yard Pop

With the snow falling tonight, it’s official to say winter has arrived in Summit County. An article by Jamie Wiebe on Realtor.com outlines some great tips to keep your yard and landscape looking good even in the winter especially if you are selling.

Realtor.com…Erika Craddock/Getty Images

Selling Your Home This Winter? You Can Still Make Your Yard Pop

Jamie Wiebe


Selling your home in the winter is hard enough without snow.

Add some frozen tundra or gray-brown slush, and you might be tempted to put that “For Sale” sign away until spring, when budding flowers and lush lawns entice buyers on their own. But waiting isn’t an option for everyone. If a job transfer or family circumstances have you on a tight timeline, you might be stuck trudging through the wintertime sell.

Don’t lose hope—winter can be a fabulous time to sell if you know how to capitalize on the market. High on the priority list: Know how to make your home stand out from all those other sad, cold houses on the block.

Winter landscaping is far from an oxymoron—it’s a necessity. Here are some easy solutions to improve the appearance of your snow-covered yard this winter.

Put in the work

Before you throw up your hands and call it a lost cause, remember this: To achieve a winter wonderland of a yard, the most important ingredient is some good old-fashioned sweat equity.

“Simple yard maintenance can go a long way,” says Steve Firlit, president of Firlit Landscape Design in Rochester, NY.

If the leaves are still falling, get out your rake; if it’s winter, make sure to neatly shovel your sidewalks, porch, and driveway. And don’t neglect your bushes and shrubs during the cold months—pruning them occasionally gives the landscape a “tidier, neater look,” Firlit says.

“If you’re making the effort to sell the house, put in a little bit of elbow grease,” he says. “You want to show off your landscaping on the front of the house.”

Dress up your garden beds

Your beds may not be filled with flowers, but that doesn’t mean they should look dreary. While adding mulch won’t help plants grow when the ground is frozen, it will give your garden a visual makeover and help you catch a buyer’s eye.

Firlit recommends re-edging your garden beds and giving them a light coating of mulch, covering up dead material and making the landscaping pop.

“It gives the appearance that the planting beds are kept up and neat-looking,” he says. “That goes a long way.”

Mix in color and greenery

Just because your flowers are dead for the season doesn’t mean your home’s exterior should be, too.

There are a number of hardy plants that can survive the winter. Some require forethought—shrubs such as the vibrant, red flowering quince need to be planted no later than fall, and the imposing boxwood requires time for growing and shaping. But others, such as Christmas greens, can be found at your local nursery and do well potted on porches.

Firlit suggests trying a seasonal wintertime arrangement. Winter greens such as holly and pine hold their color throughout the winter, which means you won’t be rushing out to refresh your plants every time your agent hosts an open house. Intertwine these with colorful fabric from a crafts store and dried flowers to create attention-grabbing arrangements.

“Color makes people feel warm and fuzzy,” says Firlit.

(Pro tip: Stop by your garden center shortly after Christmas to get some great deals on seasonal greenery.)

Add lighting

As the days get shorter, lighting up your home’s exterior becomes more important. Start with path lighting—which helps with navigation—and build up your lighting scheme to highlight your home’s best features.

“If you want the house to pop out from the roadside, temporary lighting can go a long way,” Firlit says.

Spotlight obvious focal points, and add small lighting at the bottom of your water features or showstopper trees such as the Japanese maple.

Don’t leave your home in the dark, either. If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful brick or stone veneer, Firlit recommends soft spotlights to highlight the architectural details.

“When you drive by along the road, it’ll grab you,” Firlit says.

When it comes to winter home sales, any method to attract the attention of prospective buyers is a worthy investment. Lights aren’t only a great idea—they’re a necessity.

Don’t ignore the backyard

After a big snowfall, we’re sure you at least try to keep your front yard in order, but when was the last time you took your shovel out back?

If you’re trying to sell your home during the snowy winter, this is a vital step. You should even consider hauling out your patio furniture during open houses to help visitors determine how they would use the space.

Sweep off other features, too, such as fountains, decorative paving, or the pool area. Mentioning them in the listing isn’t enough—if you want every advantage possible in a difficult winter market, you need to make buyers understand the glory of the home in the spring and summer.

“If there’s snow on the ground, it’s hard to visualize what’s underneath it,” Firlit says. “It’s one thing to show off the inside of the house, but families with kids or who want to entertain will want to see the landscaping.”

For original article visit Realtor.com

What’s Going on in the Mountains: October 30th-November 1st

Friday, October 30th 2015

Adult Drop-In Hockey: 8:30am Stephen C. West Ice Arena, Breckenridge. Click Here for more information.

Barney Ford House Museum: 11:00am Barney Ford Victorian Home. Click Here for more information.

Bucks vs. Colorado Rampage: 7:50pm Stephen C. West Ice Arena. Click Here for more information.

Frisco’s Haunted House: 6pm Frisco Welcome Center. Click Here for more information.

Saturday, October 31st  2015

Yoga: 8:00am Epic Mountain Gear Frisco. Click Here for more information.

Adult Drop-In Tennis Clinic: 10:30am Keystone Tennis Center. Click Here for more information.

Ghostly Tales: 7:00pm Dredge Restaurant Breckenridge. Click Here for more information.

Bucks vs. Colorado Rampage: 7:50pm Stephen C. West Ice Arena. Click Here for more information.

Tony Black Summit, Jessica Jones: 9:30am Snake River Saloon. Click Here for more information.

Frisco’s Haunted House: 6pm Frisco Welcome Center. Click Here for more information.

Trick-or-Treat on Main Street: 6pm Frisco Main Street. Click Here for more information.

Sunday, November 1st 2015

Minturn Monster Dash 3m, Tombstone 10m, Candy Corn Kids: 10am The Minturn Saloon. Click Here for more information.

Public Skate Session: 1:15pm Stephen C. West Ice Arena. Click Here for more information.

Renewable Energy Workshop. 1pm Beaver Ponds Enviornmental Education. Click Here for more information.

Vail Valley Band: 7:00pm Route 6 Café Vail. Click Here for more information.


Some off-season Restaurant deals: 

*The end of the off-season is near, be sure to ask about these deals when dining out: 


Blue River Bistro: ½ off bottle of wines

Quandry Grille: Two for One Entrees with purchase of appetizer and beverage

Dillon Dam Brewery: 30% Off Pub Dinners 5-10pm

Nozawa: 50% off Select Sushi Rolls & Kitchen Entrees

Silverheels: 2 for 1 Dinner Entrees

Kemosabe Sushi Bar: 25% off Total Bill 6-10pm

Hearthstone Restaurant: 2 for 1 Entrees Monday-Wednesday

Blue Spruce Inn: Every Dinner Entrée 1/3 Price

Mi Casa: 2 for 1 Dinner Entrees (dining passport required) Sun-Wed

Keystone Ranch: 3 for $33 October 8th-10th


New Restaurant:

Tavern West:

“Tavern West features new American dishes crafted from all-natural meats and seafood, sourced locally whenever possible. With a wood-burning grill, a smoker and a rotisserie in his arsenal of culinary tools, Chef Ryan Worthen creates layers of flavor reminiscent of family favorites, but not easily found at home.”

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What’s going on in the Mountains 8.14 – 8.22

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