The Skinner Team

Back to School- Why use a RE Professional & Quiz Your Broker!

Many are preparing for “Back to School” in August and, for my family, we are sending our son to school  for the first time! It’s vital for me to ask the right questions and feel prepared for the school year so I have an idea of what to expect, and I’m also left hoping we chose the right school. I compare my feelings to the ones I’m sure home buyers have when they are considering a purchase, whether it’s their first or their fifth. They must wonder if they’re choosing the right person to represent them, if they even need a professional, or can just go it alone or if they’re buying the right home. I’m here to ease that “Back to School” feeling when it comes to choosing a great REALTOR and  purchasing a home. Read on . . .

Why use a Real Estate Professional
Having a local real estate broker represent you when purchasing a home is still relevant today, even with all of the tools you have at your fingertips. Smartphones and the internet definitely have consumers more connected with and dialed into real estate than ever before, though there is so much more to the purchase process than identifying a home you love! 

I strive to provide value for potential buyers from the very first appointment we set. I know that when you reach out to our team, you’ve likely already been researching different areas and what the market has been doing, and now you’re ready to take the next step. Or, maybe you’ve visited the area and fallen in love, and a purchase feels like a dream that might come true! When we chat for the first time, my goal is to learn about you and what you need in your mountain retreat. We identify must haves as well as wish list items, and talk about where that fits into our local market. I use my vast local knowledge to show you what is possible so we can turn your dream into reality. And, if you aren’t quite ready to buy, I’ll guide you on your path to readiness.

After I get to know more about you, we will begin our search together. As you point out properties that spark an interest, I’ll provide insight into the neighborhood & property specific information, will reach out to the listing agents with specific questions you have, and will work to arrange showings at your convenience. Whether you are in Colorado or working with me remotely, I will help provide an objective look at each home you want to learn more about- there is always so much more to a home than what you can see in pictures! I understand you won’t be able to accompany me every time a listing comes on that might fit your criteria, so I often preview properties myself before I contact you about them, as I hope to save you time. Real estate is my full-time career, not yours! I want to make your life easier by streamlining every phase of the home buying process, from searching and showing to negotiating and going under contract. 

In regards to negotiating, once you find a home that checks all the boxes, I will use my expert negotiation skills to write a strong offer on your behalf. I deal with the same contracts and conditions on a regular basis, so I’m familiar with what should be used, what contingencies can safely be removed, and how to write an offer that best protects you. Using a reputable, local real estate professional also means that you get to benefit from the relationships I’ve formed with other professionals in my community, which can help win offers! 

You will continue to see the benefit from having an agent once you’re under contract. Contracts can be hard and if you haven’t bought many homes in Colorado, our 19 page contract can feel daunting. With an awesome team at my side, we will guide you through every step of the process, from scheduling inspections and reviewing HOA documents to making sure all important deadlines are met and you receive all of the information due to you. We also help schedule closing and coordinate between all parties throughout the transaction, and provide you a weekly update so you never have to guess where we are at in the process.

After closing, we can also connect you with contractors, vendors, and community members and organizations that could be of benefit to you!

While you can certainly purchase a home on your own, having a rockstar agent at your side can save you tons of time, money, and headache. 

Quiz Your Broker!
When you are interviewing prospective real estate brokers, or if you’ve decided on one, don’t let them ask all the questions. Make sure you feel comfortable in making your choice, as purchasing a home is a huge investment! You can ask things like:

-How long have they been in the area you’re looking in?

-What can they tell you about the market right now in the areas you’re searching in?

-Do they have client references / reviews they could provide?

-Do they work independently or with a team, and what does their support structure look like?

-What is it like to work with them as their client? And, how will they keep in contact with you during the process of searching for and buying a home? Setting expectations for communication is key! Let them know what you’re expecting as well.

Are they a full time broker? If not, how do they dedicate time to helping their clients?

-How do they get paid?

-If it’s important to you that they have experience, you can ask that as well. If they’re newer, find out who answers questions for them / make sure they have an experienced mentor or broker at their side.The questions above are a great place to start. If you’re embarking on your own journey to purchase a mountain retreat, or even if you’re looking in another state, please reach out! Our team has connections to awesome agents across the country, and our local team here in Colorado provides superior customer service to make your purchase an easy one. Get in touch with us at .