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Short Term Rental in Frisco, Colorado

Short Term Rental Update – Summit County, March 2023

As short term rental regulations have changed in and around Summit County, our team has been diligent in keeping our clients up to date, though it hasn’t been easy. Now that the dust has settled, we can provide an accurate update on the changes in each area!

#1 Unincorporated Summit County
The moratorium is over, and regulations have been solidified. Click HERE to read the entire ordinance effective 2/15/2023.
-Resort Overlay Zone (Keystone and Copper):
A. No annual limit to number of bookings
B. No cap on number of licenses allowed
C. You may apply for a license at any time

-Neighborhood Overlay Zone:
Type I Licenses:
A. Type I Licenses are an exception to the cap in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone. Type I means qualified occupant lives on site and no more than 50% of bedrooms in home are used for STRs
B. Apply at any time
Type II Licenses:
A. Caps on the number of Type II licenses in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone of each Basin are:
i. Lower Blue Basin: 550 ii. Snake River Basin: 130
iii. Ten Mile Basin: 20 iv. Upper Blue Basin: 590
B. No more than 35 bookings per year, as calculated from October 1 through September 30, unless approved as a Bed and Breakfast under the Code
C. By January 5 of each calendar year, the BOCC  will determine the number of licenses in each basin. If licenses are within 10% of the cap, the Review Authority will draft a process for issuing new licenses. Obtaining a new Short Term Rental License anywhere in the Unincorporated Summit County could take anywhere from 3-8 years, depending on the basin

#2 Town of Frisco
The town of Frisco’s regulations can be found HERE. Their new ordinance was adopted 10/11/2022.
A. The newly implemented cap of 25% (900 licenses) has been reached as of 2/23/2023. The waitlist application can be found here.
B. When an STR license becomes available, Town staff will contact the next person on the waitlist via email, at which point they will have 14 days to submit a complete STR license application. If a complete application is not received within 14 days, the STR license will be denied, the applicant will lose their placement on the waitlist, and no refund will be issued
C. No other major changes in Frisco

#3 Town of Silverthorne
The Town of Silverthorne passed their ordinance on 1/11/2023. You can find it HERE.
A. Short-term rentals are capped at 10% of the number of units in the majority of Town neighborhoods, Area 1, and 50% of the number of units within the Town Core and Riverfront areas, Area 2. Short-term rentals are not allowed within deed restricted neighborhoods, Area 3. View a map of Areas 1-3 here.
B. As of 3/10/2023, there are 50 licenses left in Area 1
C. As of 3/10/2023, there are hundreds of licenses left in Area 2

#4 Links to all other town regulations with no recent updates
A. Town of Dillon (Though, they have recently added paid overnight parking- read it here)
B. Town of Breckenridge
C. Town of Blue RiverIf you’d love to search for a home in the mountains, you can start to browse on our website. Email us at with any questions or if you’d like to set an appointment with us. If you are curious about the home buying process in general, click HERE!